Selasa, 06 September 2016

Dangerous, The Following Things Can Make The Penis Pain


     ChannelMfm - The Penis is one of the best assets that is owned by a man. in the absence of a healthy penis, then they will also be difficult to get offspring. We also have to be better in maintaining the health of the penis. Unfortunately, sometimes the penis suddenly feel the pain that will certainly make us worry. Actually, things like what can make a penis feels sore?


     Having sex with a partner who you love will necessarily be very fun. However, we must be careful in having sex because it can trigger the pain in the penis. For example, intimate relationships that are too long will certainly force the penis to tense in a long time.

     Not only that, having sex will make the penis will experience friction continuously in a long time and the lubrication in the vital organs of women is not high enough, then the penis will also be tormented. Not only that, some sex positions that are not reasonable can also trigger pressure or an uncomfortable position on the penis which will certainly make ache. Try to have sex comfortably so as not to cause pain.

Less Maintain the Cleanliness of the Penis

     Most men would just cleanse vital organs while bathing only. the man who lazy to clean the penis so that the area is completely dry after a shower or urinate, certainly penis will have a great risk of experiencing an infection or even the growth of mold. This certainly would be very painful for the penis.

Too Often Masturbate

     For the youth who are looking for identity and curious about the world of sexual intercourse, masturbation with the hand wear will be one of the options. Unfortunately, too often use hands to masturbate can cause pain in the penis. Please stop this habit so that the penis no longer suffer because of rough use of the hand during masturbation.

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