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Coils Of The Umbilical Cord On The Baby, Is It Dangerous ? Here's The Explanation


     ChannelMfm - One of the types of complications that commonly occur during labor that the baby is tangled umbilical cord or nuchal cord. This condition seems to very rarely cause health problems in your baby. However, the coil umbilical cord in the neck can also be life-threatening, though rare.

     The umbilical cord extends from a hole in the abdomen of the fetus up to the placenta. For in the womb, the umbilical cord is the connecting between the fetus of the mother as carrying the supply of oxygen and nutrients from the placenta into the bloodstream of the baby. The length of the umbilical cord averages about 50 cm. Because it is too active, the umbilical cord can be wrapped around 360 degrees at the neck of the fetus.

     The following is an explanation of nuchal cord is not dangerous and which can possibly bring adverse effects on the fetus:

The coil that does not harm.

     In most cases, the umbilical cord is wrapped around the neck of the fetus are not dangerous. The power coil was also loose so it is easy to remove when the process of childbirth. so, the medical Team will easily take off the coil is passed through the baby's head.

     When the process occurs, you may not be aware that the umbilical cord had been wrapped around your baby's neck.

The coil could possibly be a bad impact on his health.
     There are conditions that could have an adverse impact on the health of your baby, i.e. if the coil on the baby's neck too tight. This can bring the effect is worse if there is more than one coil encircling the neck and the fetus is less active. These conditions can trigger the fetus died in the womb.

     If the coil is too tight, the medical team may be clamping and then cut the umbilical cord before the shoulders of the baby out of your vagina. Even so, actions such as this are rare.

     Other conditions that can affect the health of the baby i.e. if the coil is making the fetal heart rate dropped instantly. This happens because the umbilical cord can be stretched and compressed during the birthing process resulting in lower blood flow to the fetus or even stop the flow of blood running through the umbilical cord.

     If these conditions befall your baby, the medical team will continue to monitor his heart rate. If during that time his condition did not show bad things, labor can continue to run without any obstacles.

     You don't need to worry because most babies can go through these stages smoothly and can be born with a normal road. Even so, if his heart rate worsens or there are signs of the fetus is experiencing distress, such as decreasing the pH (acidity) of the blood or she had been inhaling dirt first, line a caesarean section may be taken. Inhale the dirt first can make it difficult to breathe because the respiratory tract is clogged and irritated by these impurities.

     The baby, who is entangled umbilical cord may also be experiencing anemia, makes it difficult to eat, or happened erosion of the skin around the neck because of the grip of the umbilical cord.

     So the Point is, you don't need to think or worry excessively when the baby is entangled by the umbilical cord itself. Serious complications due to this condition are very rare.

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Signs Labor Is Near, You Should Know !!

     ChannelMfm - Childbirth is a long and laborious process. Before entering the stage, You will experience the signs of giving birth. Not all women experience the signs of giving birth are the same.

       However, to prepare yourself and alert in the face of childbirth, You can pay attention to some signs of childbirth that may occur on the physical and emotional. Usually, the signs of this kind happened a few weeks or days before childbirth. From the physical aspect, perhaps You will feel the changes on Your body such as:
- Feel the pain on back, abdominal pain or cramps such as the premenstrual period.
- Difficult to sleep.
- The frequency of urination increases. A few weeks or hours before childbirth,the baby will be down to Your hip bone. This condition makes the uterus lean more often on the bladder so that the frequency of urination becomes more increased than usual.
- Out viscous mucus mixed with blood from the vagina. During pregnancy, Your cervix is covered by mucus that is thick. However, when approaching childbirth, Your cervix will dilate and create a path of mucus that comes out through the vagina. The color can be clear, pink, or slightly bloody. Yet mucus mixed with blood is not always an early sign that You will give birth. This mucus can come out also when You have sex when you're pregnant or have a vaginal examination.
- False contractions feel. This contraction is commonly called Braxton Hicks or stomach tightening happening came and went. But not as strong as real contractions when giving birth. This contraction usually lasts 30 to 120 seconds. Unlike the real contractions, Braxton Hicks contractions may be lost when you switch positions or relaxes. This contraction would you feel before experiencing a real contraction. Another difference this contraction with real contractions, Braxton Hicks contractions that are only felt in the abdominal or pelvic area, while the real contractions are usually felt in the lower part of the back and then moved to the front of the abdomen.
- Changes in the cervix. The tissue on Your cervix will be softened or become elastic. If You've never given birth, Your cervix will be more easily enlarged about one or two centimeters before labor begins. However, if this is Your first time experiencing this period, the opening of the cervix of one centimeter can't be a guarantee You will give birth soon.
- Amniotic fluid rupture. The sign of childbirth is the most common known by most people is the rupture of the amniotic fluid. Most women first feel contractions before Amniotic fluid rupture, but there is also a start off with a rupture of the amniotic fluid.  When this happens, usually childbirth will catch up with soon. But the danger, if the amniotic water already broke, but you do not also experience a contraction, then your baby will be more susceptible to infection. It is because the fluid always protects the baby from germs while in the womb have been exhausted. If this happens, the induction process will be done for the safety of Your baby. If You have already experienced a rupture of membranes, immediately to the hospital. Usually, the childbirth process will occur approximately 24 hours after rupture of membranes.
     While in terms of emotional, You could feel irritable or moody's, such as the premenstrual period.

Tips Approaching The time of Childbirth

     Generally, the process of giving birth occurs at the age of pregnant 9 months or 40 weeks. At the age of the physical baby is ready to live a life outside of the uterus. However, not all women give birth in the time range.

     If You have already entered the 9th month of pregnancy, You should have prepared all the supplies needed during childbirth. So if the amniotic fluid has ruptured or occurred contractions, You can directly bring the equipment, and then rushed to the hospital. Supplies You need to bring include:
  • The bag contains clothing and toiletries.
  • Baby supplies.
  • Snacks.
  • Books, magazines or any item that can accompany You wait for the childbirth process.
  • Pillows and blankets are comfortable.
  • If You want to capture the happy moments of this, You can also set up a video camera with a fully charged battery and charger.
     Save these items in one place that is easily accessible during emergency conditions.

     In addition to the supplies, You also have to make sure who will accompany You during labor. You can choose a husband, mother, or hire a doula. A Doula is a trained personnel are used to help women during labor. Make sure they are ready to accompany You when labor begins.

     Know the signs of childbirth is very important for mothers, especially who are planning to give birth normally. Different If You are planning to give birth with help of cesarean section, where You can give birth to Your baby at any time during the physical is enough to be born.

     By knowing the signs of childbirth, You will also become more prepared in the face of labor.

How To Think Positive In Order To Avoid Various Diseases

     Channelmfm - In general, people who think positively tend to be easier to lead a healthy lifestyle, such as eating healthy foods, regular exercise, and stay away from the bad habits of consuming liquor or smoking.

     A variety of human problems, ranging from sleep disorders, depression, stress, anxiety, premature aging, to weight gain it turns out that often times can be overcome with positive thinking. Therefore, it is not necessarily hard to heal from the pain caused by the treatment methods are not effective, but more because of the negative thoughts that on someone.

     A variety of research, one of them carried a professor and senior researcher, has found that patients who think positively proven to heal faster from illness than those who give up with his condition. Patients who fail to think positively, tend to also behave negatively, such as the feel can't be her own back and hard to get back to work.

Fight the Disease with Optimism

     A psychologist argues that positive thinking can help patients to look forward and feel can control the future and his health. By itself, a person who thinks positively tends to be more diligent in undergoing the treatment. On the contrary, negative thoughts will create anxiety that actually create health tend to decline.

     According to research, someone who thinks positively has a high risk of heart disease and inflammation lower. While other studies also find that people who are sentenced to suffer from coronary artery disease but continue to think positive can still live up to 15 years later. In addition, it is believed that there is a relationship between the level of mortality with depression. Positive thinking is the key to stress management, the next instrumental bring in a lot of health benefits.

In general, the following benefits of positive thinking on health.
  • More resistant to the flu
  • Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Extend life expectancy
  • The level of depression is lower
  • Physical and psychological condition better

     In the field of sports, the athletes who fill his head with positive thoughts proven got higher achievement than those not.

A Simple way to Accustom Yourself to Think Positive

     Positive thinking doesn't mean You ignore the calamity that is being experienced, but rather a way of addressing and handling the situation from the point of view that is better. The following ways can be tried to familiarize myself think positive.

Talk to yourself

     Positive thinking, in this case, be interpreted as talking positive things to yourself based on reason and logic. Instead, fill your head with negative thoughts will make You heavier in a live situation worse.

Thankful for the good things, big or small in Your life

     Write in the notes about happy things that You are grateful for, which You can read back when the negative thoughts come. 

Not a problem to occasionally have negative thoughts

     The key is practicing how to change negative thoughts into a positive. Do introspection every day and evaluate what You think. If necessary, You can write down the negative thoughts You to turn it into a positive. Change the sentences negative into a positive like, “I'm in big trouble.”, be, “This is a chance to make a change.”

Find areas and ways that need to be taken to make a positive change

     Strive to improve the social relationships that are having problems. Or in this case, decide the relationship is also suggested if it is for undergoing such things do not give You peace. You can also change simple things another, such as changing the way go to the office that makes the stress with the route or the vehicle more efficient.

Choose a friend with peoples who think positive in order to support the development of Yourself
     Conversely, associating with people of character negative can make You doubt yourself and lose Your ability to manage stress.

Yoga, relaxation, meditation, and prayer

These methods aim at calming the mind and body to be able to think positive.

     Not only physical health, positive thinking can help people to get health mentally and socially. A psychologist states that positive thinking will improve your self-confidence that eventually form positive relations with other people. Confidence positive this also makes a person more protected from the attacks of stress and give you the ability in making more informed decisions.