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Coils Of The Umbilical Cord On The Baby, Is It Dangerous ? Here's The Explanation


     ChannelMfm - One of the types of complications that commonly occur during labor that the baby is tangled umbilical cord or nuchal cord. This condition seems to very rarely cause health problems in your baby. However, the coil umbilical cord in the neck can also be life-threatening, though rare.

     The umbilical cord extends from a hole in the abdomen of the fetus up to the placenta. For in the womb, the umbilical cord is the connecting between the fetus of the mother as carrying the supply of oxygen and nutrients from the placenta into the bloodstream of the baby. The length of the umbilical cord averages about 50 cm. Because it is too active, the umbilical cord can be wrapped around 360 degrees at the neck of the fetus.

     The following is an explanation of nuchal cord is not dangerous and which can possibly bring adverse effects on the fetus:

The coil that does not harm.

     In most cases, the umbilical cord is wrapped around the neck of the fetus are not dangerous. The power coil was also loose so it is easy to remove when the process of childbirth. so, the medical Team will easily take off the coil is passed through the baby's head.

     When the process occurs, you may not be aware that the umbilical cord had been wrapped around your baby's neck.

The coil could possibly be a bad impact on his health.
     There are conditions that could have an adverse impact on the health of your baby, i.e. if the coil on the baby's neck too tight. This can bring the effect is worse if there is more than one coil encircling the neck and the fetus is less active. These conditions can trigger the fetus died in the womb.

     If the coil is too tight, the medical team may be clamping and then cut the umbilical cord before the shoulders of the baby out of your vagina. Even so, actions such as this are rare.

     Other conditions that can affect the health of the baby i.e. if the coil is making the fetal heart rate dropped instantly. This happens because the umbilical cord can be stretched and compressed during the birthing process resulting in lower blood flow to the fetus or even stop the flow of blood running through the umbilical cord.

     If these conditions befall your baby, the medical team will continue to monitor his heart rate. If during that time his condition did not show bad things, labor can continue to run without any obstacles.

     You don't need to worry because most babies can go through these stages smoothly and can be born with a normal road. Even so, if his heart rate worsens or there are signs of the fetus is experiencing distress, such as decreasing the pH (acidity) of the blood or she had been inhaling dirt first, line a caesarean section may be taken. Inhale the dirt first can make it difficult to breathe because the respiratory tract is clogged and irritated by these impurities.

     The baby, who is entangled umbilical cord may also be experiencing anemia, makes it difficult to eat, or happened erosion of the skin around the neck because of the grip of the umbilical cord.

     So the Point is, you don't need to think or worry excessively when the baby is entangled by the umbilical cord itself. Serious complications due to this condition are very rare.

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