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Tips, How to Use Sunblock on The Face to Be Coated Makeup

     ChannelMfm - Sunblock face serves to provide protection from the dangers of UVA and UVB rays. Beware of both types of ultraviolet rays because it can increase the risk of skin cancer. UVA does not cause sunburn, but if the skin is exposed to sunlight in the long term, will trigger the emergence of wrinkles and makes the skin undergoes premature aging.

     So that sunblock can protect Your skin well, select that contains SPF (sun protection factor). No less important, the use of sunblock should also be true, including when using in conjunction with makeup.

     There are still many people who do not understand how to use sunblock on the face which is also spiked with makeup. So You are not confused, try to follow the steps below. 

Select sunblock face SPF 30 or 50

     For daily activities, simply use a sunblock with an SPF of 30. If You have the full activity in a place exposed to direct sunlight, use a sunblock with an SPF of 50. Although a lot of products that offer an SPF above 50, You do not need to use it. Therefore, SPF above 50 will not give you much a more powerful effect.

     Although your activities in the shade, the rays of the sun still emits radiation. So, when activity in the outdoors, use sunblock with SPF.

Apply to the whole area around the face

     Before using makeup, apply sunblock to the entire face. Make sure You really rub it evenly and fairly. Do not apply too little for the sake of maintaining skin health from the radiation emitted by the sun. Also make sure no parts are not covered sunblock, including the neck and ears.

Let stand briefly

      After applying sunblock on my face evenly, Pat face gently. Avoid flattening sunblock by way of skin rubbed it in order not to experience irritation. After that, don't immediately wear makeup. Let sit for 3-5 minutes so that sunblock seep into the skin.

Wear makeup

      In General, a problem that will be faced is the buildup between the layer of sunblock and Foundation so that the face impressed thick and looks like wearing a mask. So that does not occur, wear Foundation in the form of creams or lotions. The second type of foundation it can blend perfectly with sunblock. After that proceed with granting other makeup you normally wear. Avoid wearing moisturized after wearing sunblock.

Remove make up

      You need to apply the sunscreen again every two hours. At the time of using sunblock again, remove the first makeup, then repeat the use of sunblock. Maybe this will slightly make You bother, but using sunblock face on top of makeup will not be effective in counteracting radiation.

Use sunblock the face in the form of sprays

     You want to make up is not quickly broken? If so, there is another option, namely using the sunblock spray. The proper way to use it is to close your eyes and hold your breath, then spray sunblock to the entire face evenly. Don't hesitate, spray evenly and let stand until dry. Different sunblock cream, sunblock spray need to be repeated to use every one hour.

     See the importance of sunblock for skin health, do not be lazy to use sunblock the face, especially during activity in the outdoors during the day. Although the weather was overcast, the ultraviolet rays keep actively emit radiation that is potentially damaging to the skin. So bottom line, always apply sunblock when outdoors.

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