Selasa, 06 September 2016

Is it True With Flushed Cold Water To The Head Can Cause Symptoms Of a Stroke? This Explanation 

     ChannelMfm - There is a myth that developed in the community about the disease of stroke which if we bath with a direct way flushed the head with cold water can trigger an attack of stroke which is deadly. The myth is very troubling society given many of us who want to feel the bath with cold water to get a fresh sensation. whether the myth is true in the medical world?

      If hit the cold water directly to the head of the bath will not necessarily cause a stroke. everyone has a reaction to temperature stimuli are different and there is also the possibility of people affected by a stroke a result of exposure to cold temperatures sudden.

      However, this case occurs very rarely. Indeed, there are people who are suddenly exposed to cold temperatures can increase blood pressure suddenly and at great risk of stroke or even directly fainted. However, the community should not be too worried about this myth that is considered not necessarily true.

     A lot of factors that trigger the appearance of a stroke if the cause is exposure to cold temperatures suddenly. For example, blood vessels have to experience stiffness and blood vessels are experiencing abnormalities.

     It is likely to be very rare in people with health conditions to normal although it still may occur. However, another story if there are people who indeed have a condition that is not healthy. Splash cold water on the head can make the nerves to be shocked, triggering a stroke that can be deadly.

     If remember there is still the risk of a stroke due to this, although it is quite small, we should not immediately flushed the head with cold water, especially if the air temperature is very severe and sultry for the sake of avoiding the rupture of blood vessels due to a natural reaction to respond to changes in temperature which ultimately can trigger the appearance of the stroke.

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