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Preparing Baby Food 1 Year in Proper That You Can Try

     Baby food 1 year has been more varied. In this period, the baby can already switch from the consumption of breast MILK to cow's milk. You also can provide a variety of snack solid, especially if You are already weaning.

     Even so, avoid giving low-fat milk because at this age babies need extra fat for the growth of a healthy brain. Milk or low-fat foods new can You give when the baby is two years old with the supervision or advice of a nutritionist.

     At the age of 1 year, there will be a lot of changes in the baby's diet. His weight will grow very quickly, i.e. three times the weight at the time of birth. However, after that, it is possible to weight precisely slowing and dining tastes change due to any change of activity.

     Don't be surprised when you see a baby who is very fond of certain foods during this week, but didn't like it at all for the next week. Dietary changes that may occur is during the day a baby eating a lot but in the evening not tasteful to eat. It normally occurs in infants aged 1 year. 

  Food Menu Baby 1 Years

     You do not need to be confused in choosing the food menu baby 1 year. Some of the recipes below You can try.

- Seafood – mix the salmon with 2 tbsp cheese. Mix well and combine with mashed potatoes.

- Watermelon – crush two bowls of watermelon without the seeds. Add a bowl of strawberries and ¼ cup yogurt vanilla flavor. Refrigerate and ready to serve.

- Banana – banana cut about 2 cm. Add sweetened condensed milk chocolate. Serve as a snack.

- Nuts – hard boiled and mashed beans (azuki beans or other beans types), then add yogurt. Ready to be served.

- Pancake  – you can use our instant pancake batter. Once cooked, add the yogurt and fruit on it.

     Although many food ingredients that already can be made as a baby food menu 1 year, the timing of the food still need to be adjusted. The recommended time is three times the main meals and 2-3 times a snack. Give small portions because the capacity of the stomach of the baby is still little at this age. In addition, the baby also can not eat large amounts in one meal.

     In Addition to varied food, baby 1 year can already be equated with food for adults, but make sure that the food does not contain a lot of salts. Therefore, avoid giving food to baby 1 year because fast food generally contains a lot of salts.

Give the Occasional Opportunity to Feed Themselves

     The Baby is 1 years old began to be interested in eating on their own. Give the opportunity to train his fingers. Occasionally feed the food into the mouth is also nothing because it is effective also in the train system of motor coordination. Give me a spoon so the baby is more interested in eating.

      Although sometimes not fitting in to put the food into the mouth using a spoon, feed himself can help him practice in holding the tableware. Of course, You still have to help her in the eating process so that eating becomes faster, especially when the baby is hungry.

     Although it's been 1-year baby food easier, you should still be cautious in giving it away. Avoid giving food that might make it choked, like fruit that was cut too big or difficult nuts chewed. So it's more advisable to always accompany the baby each time.

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